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You've probably gotten a little too excited in the sales process before. You’ve gotten emotionally involved. Kind of like a Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, where he gets excited, doesn't think straight, and does his whole Tommy Boy thing.

In the real world as a sales professional, a similar dynamic can happen. It can lead to a dreaded condition that afflicts all too many salespeople.


Premature presentation syndrome.

What this basically is, is presenting too early. Showing up and throwing up. Giving information before it's time, before a prospect is qualified. That can happen right out of the gate when someone says they want information and you go ahead with a presentation without qualifying. It could be, in the sales process, that you don't have Pain-Budget-Decision. You haven't really mapped out the process and the prospect wants a proposal. Premature presentation syndrome is presenting too early for an opportunity. When it's not ready, it's not fully baked yet.

How do you take care of PPS?

First of all, just identifying that many times, presenting too early leads to wasted time, wasted energy, frustration, and unpaid consulting.
Resist the temptation!

Also, having a good upfront contract with expectations right out of the gate. Letting the prospect know that you have a process. Let them know up-front that you don't just quote stuff without making sure it's a good fit for both parties. Being able to deflect RFP’s in the very beginning is key. Especially when the prospect is feeling in control; like they’re the parent and they want to make you the child. When they want to tell you "Just do what I say."

You have to be able to deflect those RFPs. If you have the guts and the confidence that you create value in what you do, it makes it a lot easier to plant your feet, stand your ground and not wimp. Think about your last couple months of opportunities that you've been in front of.

Have you been guilty of PPS?
And if you have been, what are you going to do going forward to change your mindset?


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