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It’s that time of year. The holidays loom, there is a chill in the air, and countless articles appear providing guidance to sales representatives about how to close the year strong. The five, ten or twenty best strategies are outlined in checklists to insure end-of-year success. “Contact every client” is an action often recommended, as is “Revisit prospects who have chosen another vendor.”

One of the things I used to tell myself all the time was that I didn’t have enough time. David Allen got my thinking straightened out on this with his book, “Getting Things Done”. It’s the best book I’ve ever read on getting more done in less time in a more organized and regular fashion.

Mike Montague interviews Pat McManamon on How to Succeed at Being an Intentional Sales Manager.

When you're going over your pipeline and what you have stalled in there, one of the things to look at is pain. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out why opportunities stalled out, but it most likely has to do with pain.

We’ve all heard the sobering statistics that winning a new major account costs far more than keeping one – depending on the study you read, perhaps twenty times as much. And we’ve all heard how even a small increase in a firm’s overall major client retention rate has an exponentially positive effect on revenues and profits. We also know, of course, that, on the flip side, decreases in retention rates produce similarly negative impacts, often devastating and long-lasting.

Mike Montague interviews Doug Cohen on How to Succeed at The First 30 Seconds of a Prospecting Call. 


Being in sales can be tough. The rejection, the uncertainty of the future, losing clients, prospecting, distractions, the complexity. I hate to give you all those to make it more negative, but I would suggest there's an alternative view you can take.

Mike Montague interviews Wayne Dehn on How to Succeed at Overcoming Childhood Messages.


This year, on Fridays, Dave talks about the attitude, behavior, and techniques of successful sales managers as he shares his thoughts on the 49 Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders.


One of the core principles of the Sandler Selling System is the concept of pain. You know from psychology that eliminating pain in the present moment the strongest of all psychological motivators. Pain will get people to change.

Mike Montague interviews Dan Stalp on how to succeed at redirecting prospects’ head trash.