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This blog post is geared specifically to you as a sales manager.

This week, if your salespeople are on our video tips, I sent out a message on this topic. I want to give you the management perspective on it, and cover some of the same information as it relates to you. If your salespeople aren't on our video tips, they can sign up with this link (as well as yourself).

If you look at the way people communicate and you look at the communication modalities, there's three different types.

Visual - As you would imagine, is visual. These types can communicate best when visuals are involved…pictures, charts, videos, diagrams….that's the best way to communicate and learn for a visual modality.

Auditory - Of course this type is of voice and sound. They don't need the graphics as much.

Kinesthetic – These modalities are more touch/feel inclined. They like samples, they like to hug, things like that.

I'm over-generalizing here, but those are the three.

They have conducted massive tests of the population on these modalities. The most recent study I saw showed that 65% of the population is visual, 30% is auditory, and 5% were kinesthetic. I've seen some numbers that auditory and kinesthetic were a little bit more evenly split, but visual is always the highest one.

So, here's the thing with selling and your people…..

Are your salespeople communicating using video technology or are they using auditory communication through a phone?

And you as a manager, when you're coaching your salespeople….when you're having your weekly individual meeting for accountability, or you're having any kind of interaction with your salespeople, are you regularly using video technology, like Zoom, or GoToMeeting, or Skype, or Adobe, or any other ones that are out there?

I remember the days where you had to have the dedicated T1 line, the custom video equipment, just to do a video conference. It was pricey and it required a lot of setup. But now, I can pick my phone up, and go to my Zoom app, and have a Zoom call within seconds with somebody.

At this point, for you as a manager to better coach and manage your people, and for you coaching your salespeople on interacting with prospects and clients, are you encouraging this science?

The science that you can't argue with the fact that most people are visual?

Why would you be defaulting to an auditory communication device when it's clearly easier than ever, it's freer than ever, to take advantage of these technologies?

What can you do as a manager to not only use it yourself, but also, how can you encourage your salespeople to use the technology to ultimately become better at selling?


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