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In today’s blog I’d like to touch on something that is common in Sandler, and that is Pattern Interrupts.

How is your pattern interrupt?

The typical pattern when a salesperson makes a cold call:

Prospect: "Hello,"

Salesperson: Goes into their whatever they say and in seconds, the prospect can tell it's a salesperson.

When the prospect can tell it's a salesperson, the pattern they have is to blow the salesperson off.

They say things like:

• Not interested.
• Call me back.
• can you send me something?
• I'm the wrong person.
• We're happy with our current vendor.

If you've been in sales more than five minutes, you know this.

A pattern interrupt is meant to do exactly what it sounds like. It allows the salesperson to break that pattern of the automatic push-back that the prospect gives. You can download 8 sample pattern interrupts with this link here.

Here are some examples.

"Hey Bob. Jody Williamson, name ring a bell?"
You say you’re name, pause, and come back and ask if the name rings a bell. Simple.

"Hey Bob, Jody Williamson. You probably weren't expecting my call today."
"Hey Bob, Jody Williamson. Did I catch you at a bad time?"

There's more on in download, but I want to give you a starting point. If you’ve heard one of those, you may think, "That won’t work."

All 8 of the samples I gave you works. All eight.

Now, it might not work with the wrong tonality and you might read one that's just not you and you can't get.

Whichever resonates and works with you, will work. They're all road tested.

The question is, are you using pattern interrupts? If not, you have them now. If you're already using them, how effective are you at implementation and making them work? The main thing to listen to your tonality.

It DOESN’T sound like this.
"Hey, this is a sales call. Want to hang up now?"

It sounds like this:
"Hey Bob, this is a sales call. (chuckle) If you want to hang up now, I completely understand."

That tonality works.

Now, you might not be okay with that message and think, "I can't say that." That's fine. I have several others for you here that you can use.
Look at your tonality and experiment with a new pattern interrupt.

You can download 8 sample pattern interrupts here.

For the next 30 days, how are you going to improve your pattern interrupts?


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