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You know you’re always communicating, right?

What does that mean?

Let's say today you go home, you walk in the house and your spouse is in the kitchen. You haven’t seen your spouse all day and you walk into the kitchen and don’t say a word. You just sit on the other side of the kitchen at the kitchen counter. Or you go up to your bedroom, get changed, and you don't say anything to your spouse.

Your spouse ultimately says, “Hey, what's your problem? What's going on?”

Your response is, “well, nothing. What did I say? I didn't say anything.”

Here's the thing. By not saying something, you said something. You're ALWAYS communicating. Now I know that sounds obvious, but in sales we might forget the fact that this communication is going on all the time.

Just quick review:

55% of the way you're communicating is your physiology,
38% is your tonality
7% are the words of the script that you're using.

When you're meeting with someone or talking to someone, you're communicating all the time. As a salesperson, are you proactively thinking about that? In your pre-call strategy? When you debrief, are you analyzing where you're at? During the meeting, are you aware of the other person's physiology and your physiology and really how you're communicating?

Have you ever had one of those situations where you said all the right stuff, but maybe you said it the wrong way? These hidden forms of communication were most likely at the heart of what was going on.

For your next five meetings, here's the challenge.

Practice your physiology and tonality in a place that's conducive, that's aligned with the message you're trying to convey in that meeting. Videotape yourself, have someone observe you, do some kind of observation. You will find that you might think your physiology and tonality are in one place and then when you see yourself or get a critique, you're in a completely different place. Make the conscious effort to observe your communication for your next five meetings.


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