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As a sales manager I want to share a thought with you.

“No Involvement equals no commitment.”

I learned this early in my sales management career (which is like way longer ago than I want to admit). I was involved in a situation where we were trying to implement something company wide and I wasn't getting buy in from the salespeople. I was a pretty young sales manager at the time. It was my first sales management gig, and I couldn't figure it out. I should just tell them to do it and they should do it, right? After all, didn’t they know that the idea I was implementing was a great one?
Then someone told me about the rule of no involvement equals no commitment.

Have you found yourself challenged with getting buy-in on certain things, whether it's your prospecting program, something with the product knowledge, or some new initiative or territory? Whatever it would be.

Cookbooks are a good example. A lot of salespeople will push back on cookbook and they argue about the effectiveness of the cookbook, because you, the manager, gave it to them, the salesperson…

Here is where ‘No Involvement Equals No Commitment’ comes in. I've seen a much healthier adaptation and implementation of things like a cookbook if you involve your people in the process. If you want to unveil the cookbook of behaviors to your team, a better process includes them in creating it.

"Okay, what should be on our recipe for success? If our cookbook determines where we should be spending our time to ultimately achieve our goals, what should the daily and weekly behaviors be in that cookbook?”

Make that a conversation.

People never argue with their own data. If you help jointly set goals; help jointly set different implementations and initiatives, you’re going to get much better buy in. Think of a place now where you're not getting buy in and ask yourself, can you involve others to create more forward momentum?


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