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A bit of a different topic in todays blog.

I'm talking about MEDS! Something about five years ago I started focusing on.

Why do I focus on it?

Like many salespeople, I sell, right? And it's tougher than ever in todays world. It takes a lot of energy, and a lot of stamina. There's a lot of distractions. I coach people everyday who’s budgets are getting higher, they’re working longer hours, they're distracted with technologies, they thought it would be getting easier, but it's getting harder.

We need that stamina, and energy to be able to succeed today.

MEDS is what I focus on.
MEDS is an acronym.
M - Meditation
E - Exercise
D - Diet
S - Sleep

These are concepts you know about, but is it a focus for you? Because it's so easy when we get busy to not focus on those things that give us the energy and stamina we need, and then it turns into a vicious cycle.

It just keeps getting worse.

In meditation, of course, there's all kinds of different ways you can do it. I have a meditation technique and a process that I use, but you find something that works for you. A lot of people I coach like Headspace. It's a really good way to start. It's just a simple app you can use, but the goal is to find something for you. Having that quieting on a daily basis. That timeout to just breathe with no technology, and just a chill. I think that is really important.

Of course exercise we know about. You can figure that out, but the question you should ask to yourself is, "Do I intellectually know it, or am I doing it?"

Diet. In this world of running around, people traveling, and meetings, it's really easy to eat some pretty bad food, so are you prioritizing what your diet is? Are you planning it out?

Sleep is the big one. I think there was a badge of honor for a long time that, "I can get by on three hours or four hours of sleep." I get that all the time. All the research is very clear. There's that 1% of population that can function on lack of sleep, but to be at peak performance you can't do it without an adequate recharge. In the last few years, especially in the business press on the importance of sleep, I've seen a big shift in the thinking that it's now okay to admit that you sleep. It's okay to admit that you meditate. Some people nap. There's a science to napping. Einstein was a napper, right. So, there's a reason that sleep is a key part of rejuvenation. Yet, making it a priority isn’t always easy. I know you may be burning the candle at both ends, you got all kinds of things in your life outsides of sales that are pulling at you, but sleep deserves a spot on your crucial task list.

One of the biggest rules that I learned is keep electronics out of the bedroom. There's no phone anywhere close to your bed. There's a whole lot of other research that I've been reading lately that just says there's nothing good about that. People say, "Well, that's my alarm clock." Well….buy an alarm clock. It can't be that hard.

So, think about where your improvement is. What's something you want to introduce? If you have unlimited stamina and energy, forget anything I said today. But if you know you're just running out of juice sometimes, think about where you can make your improvements. There's nothing earth shattering I’ve talked about. None of these are brand new concepts.

It's really about just doing it? Are you applying some of these key concepts?

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