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Mike Montague interviews Ryan Bennett on How to Succeed at Creating an Intentional Day.


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Mike Montague interviews Jaclyn Schiff on How to Succeed at Podcast Marketing In this episode:


In today's blog, I wanted to share with you the concept of the cookbook. It's really a tool for accountability and behavior. I want you to know a little bit more about what a cookbook is and what some of the elements are, so you have a better framework on how to measure your regular behavior, and so you feel more confident in the activities you're taking.

A bit of a different topic in todays blog. I'm talking about MEDS! Something about five years ago I started focusing on.

One of the things I used to tell myself all the time was that I didn’t have enough time. David Allen got my thinking straightened out on this with his book, “Getting Things Done”. It’s the best book I’ve ever read on getting more done in less time in a more organized and regular fashion.

Being in sales can be tough. The rejection, the uncertainty of the future, losing clients, prospecting, distractions, the complexity. I hate to give you all those to make it more negative, but I would suggest there's an alternative view you can take.

Selling for a living in the twenty-first century requires coming to terms with a dizzying array of interconnected, hard-to-anticipate changes in the areas of technology, marketplace trends, and client agendas. Falling behind in any one of these areas means losing relevance and with it, your competitive edge.


Often, we’re frightened when we come to terms with a problem that has grown out of proportion and seems dangerous. As these problems manifest, we become more and more aware of the intricacies that have created it. The hardest truth to face when it comes to challenges that build up overtime is that they are typically products of our own creation. Often, built out of a lack of perspective to our own coded responses that come from the autopilot of repeated behavior.