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Times like these can test even the strongest of us, and I say us because we're all in this together. We have entered this new world together at no choice of our own, seemingly overnight. This new world seems to be one with fewer societal borders, but with more and more being closed every day. A world that pushes fear, while in reality, people are banding together like never before. A world that will one day emerge stronger because those that ARE strong are standing up and pushing through it.

We are facing, collectively, a challenge which has never been faced before. We have confronted nature 'fighting back' many times in the past, but never in a fast paced, technology driven climate that exists today. As professional salespeople whom often get a bad wrap about our noble profession, we owe it to ourselves, and all those that we CAN help, to push through this…to learn as much as we can….to share that knowledge along the way….and to help as many people get to the light at the end of this tunnel as we can.

David Sandler first started talking about pain almost 50 years ago when he started what is now Sandler. Pain, a term that is widely understood in the professional selling world, is an over-encompassing word that describes the psychological motivators that cause people to change & take action. We can see this in many different levels in the world today, as well as the world we just left. Whether it’s the family business owner that is trying to inspire her team to sell at the level of passion that they do, or the packaging company that knows that if they don't sell their products to the right people, lives will be lost. Or, it could just be the fire that burns inside all of us. The fire that ignites in you the conviction it takes to overcome the mental mountains of impossibility that often face all of us.

Today is no different, and if you feel or think it is, it's only because you're telling yourself that, even if it's at a subconscious level.


There is only now.

“Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.”

That is why we are doing all that can, to help as many as we can. We are doubling down on our virtual training's, our 1-on-1 coaching, our online training access….anything we can think of to help YOU better utilize this new-found "transformation time".

I recall clearly the financial collapse more than a decade ago. I remember the fear and uncertainty in the market. I remember the apprehension inside businesses and professional work environments. But, I also remember that the professionals that focused on growing themselves and adapting were the ones that came out the other side successful.


But ultimately, what you do during this time is your choice.

On Wednesday, March 25th at 10:00am CST I hosted a complimentary webinar, Selling In Uncertain Times: How to Immediately Pivot Your Sales Approach In This Quickly Changing World. If you'd like to watch the replay, click the link below.

I wish you good selling, good health, and hope to talk soon.

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