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Our brains are more powerful than any muscle in our body. Many of us work on our body image, thru the clothes we wear or the exercises we do to feel good. So why not exercise our brains to have the same effect?

Of the thousands of albums created every year, Rolling Stone magazine annually narrows it down to the top 50. Of course, the younger artists always dominate…from Adele to Kanye West to Radiohead to the Fleet Foxes, music is continually driven by younger artists. Yet lurking at #3 this year is Paul Simon’s “So Beautiful or So What”, which Rolling Stone feels is his best album since Graceland was released 25 years ago.

What if a team like the Chicago Bears was to make a statement like “don’t worry about your performance, you’ll always have a spot on the team as long as you just show up.” ? Do you think the player would play as hard. Do you think they would give it their all?

There’s an old saw that says “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing”. We see it today in numerous areas of our lives in the rampant over-scheduling for ourselves and our kids. Multi-taking is no longer occasional based on a situational need, it’s a constant ever-present pressure in our lives.

Many times salespeople turn out to be order takers. Which do you have on your team? How do you tell the difference between order takers and salespeople? How do you turn order takers into salespeople?

Many times a salesperson will ask a lower level decision maker a question like “Would it be OK if I also talked to your boss to get their input on this project?” Of course the prospect views this as a threat and is programmed to say “No, that’s OK, I know what we are looking for. The mistake made here is that the salesperson is asking for permission and by default falls into the prospect’s system

This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book, Dave will revisit each of the original 49 Sandler Rules and give updated takes on their relevance to salespeople and sales leaders.


In today’s blog I want to talk about the ‘how-to’s' around Adult-to-Adult selling, so you have a better framework for what you can do to counteract the parent-child relationship of the traditional sales model, and you feel a little more confident on what you can do to push back.

I'd like to share with you the BAT triangle. Behavior, Attitude, Technique.

This is an effective way to diagnose some of your improvements as a salesperson.

I've always loved this tool and this kind of thinking process, and I have the really simple version here. But if you've seen the more expanded version with all the different triangles coming off of it, it gives you much more detail.

Quick topic today, just a short blog on a concept I want you to consider. That is the word “customer” versus the word “client”.