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An unusual question for you today: How sold are YOU on what you sell?

The reason I ask, is when I really coach people through their sales processes and problems they're having, there are many potential issues. Sometimes it's discounting, sometimes it’s not prospecting as much as you should, sometimes you have a long selling cycle, and sometimes you just don't have the drive or determination to get deals done. But one of the factors that's not often identified and that can be the real issue, is you’re not a hundred percent sold on what you sell.

I've had so many examples of this over time. One example is when I had a team that sold bolts and screws for different manufacturing processes, but that's not really what they sold. One of the areas they were selling into was the airline engine industry. What they were selling was that the plane didn’t fall out of the sky because of an engine failure.

I have people who sell accounting services. No one really buys accounting services. What they do buy is staying out of jail, saving on taxes, having more money to spend, and sleeping at night because they know that if they get audited, they're good.

I have people selling consulting services. But they're really not selling that. They're selling efficiencies in the business, transforming of the business, and outperforming the market.

I've had a lot of clients in the packaging industry. They're packaging different products for shipment. And guess what? They’re not really selling that. What they're really selling is the ability that it doesn't break, that it doesn't fail during shipment, and that when people get it, it actually works.

The person selling in any of these companies…. that’s their job security. That's their future. That's very possibly their family’s income.

I want you to go through the process of what the ultimate impact and consequence is of what you sell.

If you go through that process, I think you'll find that you only sell to the level that you’ve sold yourself. If you can't go to ‘that level’ where you really see something that's motivating in what you to sell, then you should probably change what you're selling.

But, I would challenge you.

I haven't seen an industry yet where, if we really walk through the ultimate impact and consequences, you couldn't have some kind of improved motivation and overall better drive to succeed. Ask yourself the question, "Have you sold yourself as much as you're selling your clients, your prospects, and your customers?"


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