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Are you selling in a contrarian way?

In my book, "The Contrarian Salesperson," I talk about the principle of traditional selling versus contrarian selling. We're going to have some more videos coming where I do a deeper dive into this. But for today, big picture, I want you to think about your approach to selling. The traditional approach invites a certain response from prospects, clients and customers.

And it's not typically good for the sales process.

When looking at the problems that you might be experiencing that would tell you if you're selling traditionally, it might look like:

• Getting shopped around with price always being the issue,

• Your prospects or your customers are taking your proposals and shopping around.

• You’re being treated as a lower life form. As a vendor and not a trusted advisor.

It might even be personal, which many traditional salespeople have happen. You’re in a comfort zone, or you’re not focusing on your daily behaviors. You’ve lost track of what has gotten you to your success in the past and the present, but you’re not doing it in the future.

Think about overall, what's your approach to selling?

The first principle in my book is “zig when others zag”. This is basically, if you want to be like everyone else and get average results, just do what traditional salespeople do.

But in my experience, and the reason I wrote the book, is I've observed that the top salespeople in organizations always have a contrarian approach. They do things a bit differently than their colleagues and certainly people in their industry. As you move forward with this, it may make sense to check out my book, The Contrarian Salesperson. You can also download a free chapter here.

But overall, I want you to think about ranking yourself. Where are you? Traditional or contrarian?

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