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I recently received a voicemail from a sales person trying to sell copier services.  It was two minutes and four seconds long.

I’m all for having a good commercial or elevator pitch.   In Sandler we talk a lot about how to develop a 30 second commercial concentrating on pain, but in this case this person gave so much information that she gave me lots of reasons not to call her back.   And in most cases, the commercial is not the most effective tool to get call backs when prospecting. 

The most effective voicemail you can leave is almost always the shortest. Less than 10 seconds is ideal and the idea is to create some mystery.  I want to give the other person a reason to call me back and not too many reasons not to call me back.  

An example that has quite a bit of success sounds like “Hey Bob, it’s Jody Williamson….I think it may be important we talk.  847 513 6260.”  ….No “please”. No company name. No commercial. 

If you are struggling with getting call-backs, it may be worth a try.

- Jody Williamson



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