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In the beginning of the New Year, I trust you are filled with optimism and goals for building your company to the next level of success. Some companies are hitting the ground running in 2017 as they have planned goals and behavior for a stronger top line, engaged staff, and vision for 2017 and beyond. What changes have you made this past year that supports your five year vision? Have you simply maintained the status quo?

I’m always intrigued to see how people approach problems and how they put their imagination (the one weapon in a war against mediocrity) to work. Some people know what they should do but can’t get out of their own way which is laziness (Nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired). They would rather do what they are comfortable with than changing even though they know it doesn't support their vision of the future . Laziness gets justified and what can't be justified is  procrastinated (putting off tomorrow what you put off yesterday until today).

You need to ask yourself, "Is it time to move to an excellence business model where I ask more of myself than others do?" Ultimately this is not an exercise in martyrdom, you will actually work less, have less stress, and enjoy yourself more.

A blind person’s world is bounded by the limits of their touch; an ignorant person’s by the limit of their knowledge; a successful person’s by the limit of their vision.

Refine your vision to focus on your ideal business.

- Jody Williamson

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