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A few years back, I was fortunate enough to go on a photo safari in Africa. I was fascinated by the behaviors of the incredibly beautiful birds, especially the majestic, nearly 7 foot wing-spanned hawk, and the dirty looking cloak-like Vulture. 

The Vultures, not being hunters, would circle and hover above the ‘low hanging fruit’, the bait, already there for the taking, lazily waiting for opportunities to fall in their view. 

The Hawks would do just the opposite.  They Hunt. They swoop down, with their precision like aim, and pick up the prey, deposit it in a safe place, and go hunt for more, over and over again.

I see these two types of behavior in the sales world all the time. The vultures, salespeople who won’t prospect for new opportunities, get real comfortable, and just wait for opportunities to appear in their laps. The hawks, salespeople who go out and hunt for new opportunities, placing them safely and confidently in the pipeline and move on to find more.

Who’s on your team? Are you allowing your people to be vultures or are you challenging them to be hawks? If you have vultures can they evolve into hawks or is it time to set them free? Make a decision to only allow hawks on your team and stick to it, the bottom line will be in much better shape if you do.

 - Jill Kirshenbaum


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