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Sandler Training | Chicago & Northbrook, IL

The Sandler Fast Track Program


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Position Yourself For Success By Integrating A Proven, Integrity-Based Selling System Structured Around Behavioral Science. Master The Proven Techniques That Will Grab Your Prospects Attention, Break The Rules Of Sales And Ethically Close More Business.

Chicago's Premier Online Sales Training Program

  • A robust 90-day virtual sales training program.
  • Interactive session led by live instructors.
  • Customized coaching to answer your specific sales questions.

The Sandler 90-Day Virtual Fast Track Program introduces the core principles of the Sandler Sales System. A proven, integrity-based system that promotes a more effective and efficient sales process. The Virtual Fast Track Program is for those willing to invest the time and effort into learning new material and being open to trying things that seem counter-intuitive. This class will make you re-evaluate everything you were taught about sales.

Remote Work Sales Training In Chicago IL

Who Should Attend:

Salespeople, Sales Managers, Business Owners, and anyone else involved in the selling process who might be:

  • Looking for modern sales strategies to help them in times of crisis
  • Lacking control during the selling process
  • Experiencing longer and longer sales cycles
  • Frustrated with being marginalized on price
  • Tired of getting "think-it-overs"
  • Doing more unpaid consulting instead of selling
  • Wanting to increase sales and profits in 2020

How It Works:

7 World-Renowned Sandler Certified Sales Trainers will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge into 16+ sessions over 12 weeks, of live virtual sales training that stems from these years of experience.

Everything from entry-level cold calling in the trenches to international business development to leading both sales and operations teams from the C-suite. Our trainers are all out there selling when they're not teaching class, and never teach anything they don't practice themselves.

Ready To Invest In Yourself Or Your Team?

The 90 day ramp up program into the Sandler Selling System consists of:

The Sandler Foundations Program

  • 12 ninety-minute LIVE interactive formatted virtual sessions facilitated by select Sandler trainers.
  • 8 weeks
    • Month 1 – Two 90 minute workshops per week.
    • Month 2 – One 90 minute workshop per week.
  • All sessions recorded and available upon request for 30 days to those participants with conflicts.

The Sandler Sales Mastery Program
1-Year Access to Sandler Online with 1000+ Hours of exclusive Sandler content.

  • Access to weekly LIVE Virtual Sales Mastery Sessions.
  • Advanced level application and skill development.
  • Attend up to 4 sessions per week.

Our Training Center Locations

Northbrook, IL

Chicago, IL