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Sandler sales tips and insights for Chicago sales professionals.

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Sandler's video collection showcases our global network of business experts to describe key sales and management concepts in everyday language.

Management Tactic: Interviewing Sales People

Jody Williamson discusses how to structure an interview for sales people to find if they are a good fit for your role.

Sales Tactic: Zig When Others Zag

Are you acting like most other sales people? Jody Williamson explains how acting differently improves prospects' perspective and sets the sales process up to be more effective.

Management Tactic: Reinforce Adult-Adult Transactions

Does your sales team fall into parent-child relationships where they are viewed as simply a vendor? Reinforce Adult-Adult relationships that serves as the foundation to becoming a trusted advisor.

Management Tactic: Don't Be A Superhero

Don't be a superhero always swooping in to save your people. It might work in the short term but is no way to grow a successful sales team.

Management Tactic: Creating a Kaizen Culture

Jody Williamson discusses creating a Kaizen culture where all members of the sales team constantly strive to improve.

Management Tactic: Role Play and Practice

Are you spending enough time practicing to achieve sales goals?  Making practice a priority is when sales teams achieve world class results.

Management Tactic: Hire Slow and Fire Fast

An empty sales position or desire to keep the sales force stable often leads to these two common problems.

Sales Tactic: The Contract Before the Contract

Prepare your prospects for the Up Front Contract by providing the "contract before the contract" so that they can follow what it is they are agreeing to do in the meeting.

Management Tactic: The Hiring Process for Salespeople

Hiring for salespeople is different than hiring for other roles in your organization. Do you have replicable process for hiring salespeople?

Sales Tactic: Bonding and Rapport

How do you bond and create rapport with your prospects? Can you adapt to your prospects communication style?

Management Tactic: Mediocrity is Unacceptable

Are your salespeople in comfort zones? Are they more of a camper rather than a climber? What can you do to make your salespeople work harder?

Management Tactic: Measure Behavior not Results

Do you focus on the results coming in the door? Do you measure salespeople by their results or behavior? Which is more important?

Management Tactic: 4 Steps to Creating a Sales Culture

Companies want a sales culture, but how do you create it? Here are 4 steps on how to change your company culture from passivity to proactivity.

Management Tactic: Do You Have Order Takers or Salespeople?

Many times salespeople turn out to be order takers. Which do you have on your team? How do you tell the difference between order takers and salespeople? How do you turn order takers into salespeople?

Management Tactic: How to Interview for Sales

How are you interviewing salespeople? Is it more of a conversation than an interview? Do you judge the interview based on bonding and rapport? Have you ever considered running the interview process like the sales process they are interviewing for?

Management Tactic: Coaching is Caught not Taught

Of the four major roles of sales management the coaching role is the most misunderstood. No single strategy can improve production more than effective coaching, just make sure it is caught not taught.

Sales Tactic: Developing Consultative Selling Skills

Are you moving your salespeople from pitch style selling to consultative selling? One of the key components to changing is effective listening. How are you developing effective listening skills in your salespeople?

Sales Tactic: Generating New Business

It is common for companies not to be satisfied with the amount of new business the sales force is producing. There are multiple areas to dissect within your salespeople and management of them to consistently generate new business.

Management Tactic: Turnover can be a good thing

Are your salespeople in comfort zones? Are they more of a camper rather than a climber? What can you do to make your salespeople work harder?

Management Tactic: Management Cookbook

You can't manage results, only behavior. Jody Williamson discusses common items to track in a cookbook to guide sales results to targeted goals.

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