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Sandler Training | Chicago & Northbrook, IL

The Virtual Negotiation Mastery Program

This Training Series Will Teach You & Your Team How To Reach More Win-Win Outcomes

Our Next Program Starts November 2nd

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You Are Not Just Negotiating A Transaction; You Are Building A Relationship.

Old techniques and practices are becoming outdated in today’s fast paced, technology-driven marketplace. Sales professionals, now more than ever, are encountering new obstacles in this evolving digital landscape. There is a desperate need for a system that incorporates new strategies and tactics to give salespeople (that are willing to learn) the slight edge over everyone else.

Win-win negotiations help you and your partner realign on priorities, co-create solutions, and make your relationship stronger. They give you a chance to resolve conflicts and let both sides feel confident in the partnership.

Think About The Last Time You Negotiated...

  • Do you feel you had to compromise your needs or beliefs?
  • How did you confront the conversation or avoid the tough questions?
  • What made the outcome worthwhile for both parties?

Negotiate From A Position Of Power.

With Sandler’s Negotiating Mastery, you will learn how to keep deals and other agreements on track, lead win-win negotiations and deal with common negotiation mistakes and power play tactics.

In Negotiating Mastery, You Will Learn How To:

  • Prepare to reach win-win outcomes
  • Gain equal value for every concession you make
  • Define your walkaway points
  • Lead a collaborative negotiation
  • Confidently handle difficult situations