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I went to a restaurant with 9 other people a few weeks ago and the waiter took all our orders without writing anything down. That bothered me. He ended up getting most of the orders correct but one person received the wrong meal. For that person their dinner came 10 minutes late. This didn’t have to happen.

Best in Class sales professionals are active listeners. They realize that the less they talk and the more the prospect talks, the more likely they are to build trust and honest communication.

If you follow these three simple steps – understand the true goal of your communication, send the right subtle “I’m listening” signals as the other person is speaking, and restate key content to prove you really were listening – you’ll have better conversations, gather high-quality information, and make better recommendations. Last but certainly not least, you’ll improve your closing ratio!

Learn how to improve your attitude, behavior, and technique in active listening. Frank Moore talks about paying attention, paraphrasing, and other best practices for engaging conversations.