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Sales Tactic

Our brains are more powerful than any muscle in our body. Many of us work on our body image, thru the clothes we wear or the exercises we do to feel good. So why not exercise our brains to have the same effect?

It is now all star break in Major League Baseball. This is the time every year that, half way through the season, each team sends their best to the annual All Star Game.

Today we live in a CYA world and people are very reluctant to make a decision on their own. Even if we’re dealing with the Ultimate Decision Maker, there will be others involved in the process. And they all have different buying motivations.

In sales it’s also easy to focus on what we don’t have. When you find yourself in this death spiral of negativity, take a step back and look at reality.

If your sales manager asked you to forecast the number of sales you’ll close or the amount of sales revenue you’ll generate in the coming month, could you give him a meaningful answer? Meaningful in that it’s based on something more concrete than wishing and hoping? Most salespeople, if they are being honest, would answer “no.”