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It’s that time of year again when your sales force may begin coasting in the dog days of summer.

Listen for the tell-tale things that salespeople love to use as excuses over the summer.  Things like:

  1. “Our industry just slows up in the summer.  It’s always been that way.”
  2. “A lot of people are on vacation, so it is hard to get things moving forward and to set meetings.”
  3. “After Labor Day and into 4th Quarter thing should pick up.”
  4. “Many of our customers are wanting to see what happens with the election in the fall before they move forward with some of their projects.”
  5. “With the hot, dry weather all over the country, people are just kind of in a funk and it’s hard to get things moving.”
  6. “Many of our prospects had a slow 1st half of the year, so they are going to hold off to see how the 2nd half of the year shapes up.”

Of course there are probably hundreds more I have heard, but it is critical that sales leadership does not buy into these excuses.  Or worse yet, perpetuate the excuses by accepting them from the salespeople.  If you are in sales leadership, don’t be part of the problem.

What are you doing as an organization to deal with, and sell around, these excuses?

- Jody Williamson

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