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It's summer, and I hope you’ve gotten to be outside and enjoy the weather. I have too, but I'm going back in the office in a bit, so I'm not playing hooky.


Are you playing hooky?

Summer doldrums have kicked in and I've seen many salespeople start checking out a bit.

Now, I'm okay with taking time off. I'm okay with vacations and I'm a big proponent of that…but I also know that that can linger into an entire summer in terms of your mindset, and I want you to be diligent about pushing through these slow times. These slow times can be dreaded and daunting but there is a silver lining if you search for it. These times can actually be the best times to get connected to who you need to get connected to.

Here can be part of the problem.

Culturally, in business, it's acceptable that summer is when things slow down. Summer is when people are on vacation, it's understood that it’s hard to get ahold of people, and people don't want to meet.

So, once you start making those judgments, then your actions become a reflection of that. You fail to do the behaviors, and you don't pay attention to your cookbook.


Here's what I also know.

Summers, on the flip side (for certain people, assuming they're not on vacation), are a really good time to talk. In many businesses, summer is a bit slower than the rest of the year.

Don't make the global decision that everyone's on vacation.

It'll affect your behavior, and ultimately it'll affect your results later in year and into next year.

Look at your cookbook, look at your behaviors, look at your mindset, and ask yourself, are you falling into the summer doldrums?

If you are, what can you do to snap out of it?


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