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There’s an old saw that says “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing”. We see it today in numerous areas of our lives in the rampant over-scheduling for ourselves and our kids. Multi-tasking is no longer occasionally based on a situational need, it’s a constant ever-present pressure in our lives. Psychologists term it “dual-task interference”. One of my clients calls multi-tasking “my chance to screw up two things at a time”.

As you review and refine tactical plans from your sales management and their sales team are you falling prey to the “more is better” seduction?  Take prospecting for instance. What are you requiring of your sales team when it comes to prospecting?  New markets, new verticals, new territories, more social media, more calls, more meetings, more, more, more! Do your people have a complicated, multi-layered behavior plans that even the best sales organization would have a hard time executing? Is your CRM full of metrics with no activity? Can you already sense that you’re being led down a path that can only lead to your frustration and anger?  

Consider a new approach: Simplify and Execute. Find the few most meaningful behaviors that if your sales management and sales team executed consistently it would have a significant effect on your sales. Instead of having 17 metrics you try to execute and track, identify 3-4. Here’s one:  referral asks. I’ve never once found a sales team that consistently maximized their referral asks. Your sales management, salespeople and perhaps your entire company will see value when they simplify and execute.

 - John Martin

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