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My father always told me to never let the gas tank get below a quarter of a tank.  Very good advice!  He said It’s not good for the engine and you may need the extra gas in case of an emergency.  My father is a very logical guy and so am I.  So why do I find myself only filling up when the gas gauge is hovering around “E”?  It’s only when the anxiety around the thought of being stuck in traffic and running out of gas gets so strong that I “fill up”.  It shouldn’t be this way! The reality is….it is.

I facilitated a 2-day intensive sales management training with a group of 9 sales managers.  One of the challenges we addressed was a belief that their salespeople must educate their prospect in order to sell them.  It’s only logical! How can you sell them if they don’t know all the features and benefits of your product or in their case, service? 

Good question!

When your salespeople come back from a call after presenting a perfect, logical case for investing in your product or service and they get a “think it over”, don’t be surprised. That’s a logical ending to an intellectual process. If you want them to come back to the office with orders try having them get the prospect into a conversation about the consequences of not investing in your product or service.  Only then will they uncover the prospects real motivation to buy.

There is a rule in selling: “people buy emotionally, they make decisions intellectually”

Sandler Rule:  Sell today, educate tomorrow.

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