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The brain is a tricky thing, my friend Ellen (a Psychologist) used to say.  It makes us happy, sad, frustrated, garners opinions and self-limiting beliefs that can stop us from doing what we are supposed to do.  It can wake us up around 2 or 3 in the morning, with thoughts of people we didn’t call, what we didn’t get done, thoughts of errands we need to run, the meeting we should have done differently…

Our brains are more powerful than any muscle in our body.  Many of us work on our body image, thru the clothes we wear or the exercises we do to feel good.  So why not exercise our brains to have the same effect?

Journaling can not only help, but can help to change lives.  Journaling is often misunderstood and often thought of as fluffy and hokey and useless.  I used to think of journaling as the thing I did as a very young girl.  I had a yellow Paddington bear version of a journal that had a lock and key (to keep my brothers from seeing it!).  I would write all the bad stuff going on with boys who didn’t like me back, and my older brother who would sometimes pull those nasty pranks on me (brothers!), etc. 

I know now, that in reality, journaling your rock solid, positive thoughts, great moments, great sales meetings, fantastic conversations, things you are grateful for, and positive focus on those beliefs that you want to change, can literally strengthen your spine (as it did for one of my clients after 2 years of doing it every day), improve on the relationships you have, increase your sales and your overall income as a result! This is not for the once in a while journal-er, but for the professional looking to increase the likelihood of success. 

Keep a notebook with you at all times, write in it when you’ve had an awesome feeling from something great that you have overcome, something great that has happened, make it a HABIT, and commit to journal your positive moments every day at that moment that it happens.  Read your positive beliefs and comments every night before your head hits the pillow, and you will sleep better, have great thoughts, and wake up with your toes curling to the excitement of new opportunities for the day.   

 - Jim Mattei

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