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Being in sales can be tough.

The rejection, the uncertainty of the future, losing clients, prospecting, distractions, the complexity.

I hate to give you all those to make it more negative, but I would suggest there's an alternative view you can take.

I really believe there's never been a better time to be in sales, and I've been in sales 30 plus years. I can say with certainty, this is the best time ever.

It's the best time to be alive! Think about it. People reminisce on ‘the good old days’.

You know, the good old days when we didn't have penicillin, we didn't have a polio vaccine, we didn't have automobiles. But with anything, any positive, there can be negatives. Technology can be a huge negative, but also a huge positive. Technology can enable me to not leave my house and buy stuff from Amazon that used to take a lot of time traveling to stores to get.

Think of all the progress we've made.

I used to have to get the manufacturer's directory. I would open it up, I'd go through it. Two-thirds of it was outdated because it was in print copy. It wasn't real time, like the internet. If someone left a current company that I was working with, I didn't know about it many times until too far down the road. If I wanted to find new prospects, it was hard to find the right decision makers.

Now think about Linkedin. There has been no better technology to help us in sales than LinkedIn if we know how to use it effectively.

Remember the days when if you wanted to mail someone, you sent them a letter or a fax? Now we have email.

Now I know all these things have their downside. LinkedIn has a downside. Email has a downside. Voicemail has a downside, but voicemail is a pretty great tool if you know how to use it. You can use your tonality. You can craft a message. If you screw it up, you can rerecord it, most likely.

Take stock in this. Have an abundant mentality. It really is a great time. And as you're having the doldrums and you're going into the future and you're thinking ‘what can I do to be more efficient and effective?’ Just remind yourself, this is a great time to be in sales.


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