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Short article this week.

One of the great things about selling and being in the field of sales is how you get to control your own destiny.

Now, some things are out of control. We get thrown curve balls. But overall, in business, I've found there's two groups that really have the freedoms to control their destiny like no other.

One is entrepreneurs and business owners. Because of the very nature of what they do, they have the freedom to make lots of choices on how they spend their time and their investments, and on where they focus.

I'd also suggest though, in my observation, the other place in business is sales people. You, as a salesperson in Chicago, are really great at what you do. You have a lot of freedom. You have market value.

You can sleep at night knowing:

"You know what? If my company I'm working for tomorrow just blew up, it just evaporated, I could go to a lot of places and command a good price and a good value. I could provide 10x the value to whatever company would bring me on."

For your own mindset, think about how you are continuing to build your market value? What are you doing so that you have those freedoms? What are you doing to have that controlling of your destiny and selling?

I think it's a stress reliever, in a way. If you know that you add that value to the world, that value to the marketplace in selling, you can relax. You don't get as stressed out, you know that, "Hey, whatever happens, I'll make it work."

For you, specifically, when it comes to your market value, what are you doing personally to continually stay top of your game, sharpen the saw, and invest in yourself?


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