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There is no room in the sales process to dance around the topic of money or worse yet avoid it.  The job revolves around money.  Sales people are trying to find out if they can fix a problem and if the prospect will give them money to do so.  A sales person that is wary about money is not accomplishing half of their job.  To be successful, a sales person needs to know if there is money available to buy their product or service and whether or not there is a willingness to invest that money.  Comfort discussing money will allow them to ask what the budget is and pursue an answer.

Over 80% of sales people have some discomfort talking about money.  Many were raised with the thought that money is a taboo subject.  Often sales people don’t want to bring up the budget for fear that either there isn’t one or the prospect will be upset by their question.  In either case it’s better to ask.  If there isn’t a budget it’s better to find that out sooner rather than later.  Have a direct conversation about the cost and if the prospect is willing to make the investment.  The other fear is that the prospect will be upset.  Force yourself to ask anyway.  In sales, money can’t be taboo.  Talking openly about it will avoid sticker shock at the end of the call.  It also allows you to talk about the investment and if working together will be a possibility.

Being comfortable talking about money allows us to get to the point with our prospect.  It is another way to logically find out if we are a good fit.  Sales people who aren’t comfortable talking about money will often lose deals because the prospect isn’t prepared for the investment.

- Jody Williamson

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