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Hey quick topic today, just a short blog on a concept I want you to consider. That is the word “customer” versus the word “client”.

Words matter.

Slight edge words matter.

The customer versus client mindset is something I've seen get in the way of many salespeople in the way they act towards those they're selling to.

A customer tends to be perceived as more of a transactional relationship, whereas a client is more of a relationship over time. Transaction versus a close relationship. Customer versus client.

The challenge is, (I see it a lot in the people I'm working with) a lot of companies refer to their clients as customers. It transcends everything they do. The way they interact, the way they approach the relationship, the way they continue to nurture the relationship and grow the relationship.

Having a customer transaction focused mindset versus a client mindset is so important. Not only for you as a sales person but overall in your organization. Now I know you can't change that many times as to what the language is going to be, but I would suggest your self talk is all about client.

Whether you realize it or not, if you're referring to people as customers you're building in a short-term mindset and ultimately a short-term behavioral plan versus having that long term client focus.

Look at your daily journaling, look at the way you're doing your interactions internally (about who you're calling on and dealing with) and try revising it to client and customer.

See if it starts affecting your mindset in a more positive way.

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