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Do you want your salespeople to be “self-motivated?”  Try the Behavior Board.  So exactly what is this behavior board?  Each salesperson writes in (or inputs) how much behavior they have completed for that day. 

What is “behavior?”  Dials, Walk-ins, Referrals Received, First appointments, Futures, Second Calls, Closing Appointments, or any other positive selling activities required for your business. 

Create a community behavior board to post in the sales office so that all team members can track their own efforts and see what their colleagues are doing in comparison.  Of course, if your people are remote, you can do this electronically by sharing the numbers through email.  There is nothing quite as powerful as public pressure as a motivator.

As a best practice, rank them by behavior, so visually the best performers are at the top of the list and the lower performers are at the bottom.  The visual impact of this is very powerful.

Include two columns for each salesperson—Goal and Achieved.  Track only the most important behaviors over which the salesperson has control. 

- Jody Williamson


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