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Jody Williamson

I would imagine you've had deals that stalled out or are currently stalled in your pipeline. You're still trying figure out what’s going on. What is the problem?
Or you lost a deal and there's that mystery, where did it go sideways? What happened here?
The Sandler Submarine is central to our selling system. It’s power to transform your entire sales career is there, but it can also be used a diagnostic tool.

After many years in coaching I've discovered that, if you’re not dealing with terms and conditions in the beginning of the sales process (bringing up payment and investing in your solution from the prospect's perspective), it can be a really big problem.

This blog article is about getting to the right decision maker. Why is this an important topic? If you've been in sales for any longer than five minutes, you have certainly experienced a situation where the person you're meeting with or calling on is not the right person. That or they're only part of the process and you're not getting to the right people who make the decisions you need.

I saw a speaker recently talking about millennials and generation Z. The speaker was more from the baby boomer generation, and they were talking disparagingly about these two groups. They were using all these stereotypes about millennials and Gen Z’s that seem to be perpetuated in the media and repeated by a lot of people.

In today’s blog I’d like to touch on something that is common in Sandler, and that is Pattern Interrupts. How is your pattern interrupt?

This blog post is geared specifically to you as a sales manager.
This week, if your salespeople are on our video tips, I sent out a message on this topic. I want to give you the management perspective on it, and cover some of the same information as it relates to you. If your salespeople aren't on our video tips, they can sign up with this link (as well as yourself).

It's summer, and I hope you’ve gotten to be outside and enjoy the weather. I have too, but I'm going back in the office in a bit, so I'm not playing hooky.
But are you playing hooky?
Summer doldrums have kicked in and I've seen many salespeople start checking out a bit.

In this weeks blog article, I wanted to touch on a game-changing mindset shift that every chicago sales professional should adopt. That is the mindset of using Up-Front Contracts as an attitude, rather than a technique.

Quick post today, but an important one. One of the top challenge’s professional sellers face is rejection. I see it every day. The research and the testing show this. Rejection, recovering from rejection, avoiding rejection and dealing with rejection, is one of the top factors every sales person copes with. They deal with it their entire career.

I saw a stat a few years ago that 23% of what you need to find out about a sales candidate, to determine if they're going to work out or not, is based on the actual interview you have with them. 77% of what you need to find out about that salesperson is not easily observable in an interview. It's their history, their resume, their references, their fit with you culturally, etc.