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I went to a restaurant with 9 other people a few weeks ago and the waiter took all our orders without writing anything down. That bothered me. He ended up getting most of the orders correct but one person received the wrong meal. For that person their dinner came 10 minutes late. This didn’t have to happen.

In a 1 hour meeting with a prospect there are a number of key things that are discussed yet few sales people ever capture what really matters to the prospect on paper.  Few waiters can take an order at a restaurant and get it 100% correct without writing it down yet sales people will meet with prospects and walk out with little record of the meeting on paper to refer to in subsequent calls. Are your sales people listening and recording key pieces of information?  Here’s a suggestion…when you pre-call plan with them, test them on how well they listen by having them take notes during your role play… and after, have them share the notes with you. Find out if they are really capturing the key points that you want them to have documented.

 - Jim Mattei

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