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I want to talk a little bit about creating value in every interaction you have with your prospects and clients. Imagine your phone was ringing and you could see the caller ID. When you looked at your phone you could either make a decision that you WANT TO talk to the person calling, or that you don’t want to talk to the person calling. I know your guilty of this. You've done it, I’ve done it, everyone has. But here's the thing. If you really boil it down, if you see value in whoever's calling, you’ll take the call. If you don't you’re probably sending them directly to voicemail or declining the call or whatever your phone does.

I mention this today because I want you to think creating value in every conversation, every interaction you have with a client. Or are you making (what many sales people do) the “hey just checking in” call?


Hey just wanted to touch base.
Hey just wanted to see what's happening.
Hey just wanted to see how things are going.

…to which there's no value in the person you’re calling. Even more so if you’re the sales person and you’re calling on a client.

Where's the value in that?

You know what the value is? It's for the sales person to check it off on their list…“Oh yeah, I made some calls today”.
So when you're making these calls, and your client sees that you're calling, do they have an instant reaction of ‘I’ve got to take this call because I KNOW I'm going to get something out of it?’

…..Or is it voicemail, voicemail, voicemail?

Just be careful not to make that ‘just checking in call’. I know at the beginning of the year it's really easy to get into this mode, but resist that temptation!


You may be asking what you can do instead? How can you create value?
Good question.

Think of data. Think of information. Think of trends. What can you bring to them? We have a lot of clients who have whitepapers that they come up with, or they come up with some stat on the industry, and that's the reason for their call. Or they bring food in (eat and educate we'll call it). They get the whole team together and they do an educational seminar at their client to provide value.

When you're working on this, a tool to think it through is the relationship builder. I'm attaching this here. This document really goes into what you would want to concentrate on, and how you can create value. It's just a thinking tool, it's a thinking exercise. But bigger picture, every single conversation you're having with those that you sell to, are you creating value?


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