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It is now all star break in Major League Baseball.  This is the time every year that, half way through the season, each team sends their best to the annual All Star Game.

If your industry had an All Star Sales Team of salespeople, how many of your people would make the team?  Be careful as you think this through because “All Star” may not be your biggest biller since that person may have inherited a great territory or some big accounts. 

 Instead, when determining if you have true all-stars, consider results like:

  1. Maintains and GROWS existing accounts (doesn’t just baby sit them)
  2. Regularly generates new business through prospecting
  3. Protects existing accounts with a pro-active strategy of taking their temperature
  4. Sells Wide and Deep, developing strong relationships with multiple decision makers in multiple departments
  5. Sells at the highest margin by selling the true value of your solution

These are just a few of the criteria to consider.

 So, how many of your people make your industries All Star Team?

 And even more importantly, if you look at the universe of salespeople in ALL industries, how many of your salespeople would make the list of being in the top 7% that have been defined as “Elite” in some of the latest research on sales performers.

They are out there.  If they are not on your team, then why not?

- Jody Williamson

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