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I want to share with you a concept that can transform the way salespeople really view their future and their growth.

Typically people will say, "Okay, I want to grow 10% (Or 15%. Or 5%) next year."


But that's not motivating enough. It's just this incremental number.

Think about doubling.


What would doubling your sales, or your income, do for your lifestyle and mindset?

I know it sounds weird to ‘double’. It sounds like this huge thing! If you double small activities the ultimate results can be doubled too. The law of compounding is so powerful!

If you had a new job and you were to discuss the first 30 days of pay.

"You have one of two options for your pay. We will pay you $5000 a day for 30 days, or we'll pay you a penny the first day, and the second day we'll pay you two cents, and the third day we'll give you four cents, and the fourth day we'll give you eight cents, and everyday we're going to double it."

If you had that $5000 a day, thats $150,000 at the end of the month.


If you took the penny doubling option, you end up with $5,368,208.
The power of compounding.

Another example:

How many folds of paper do you think it takes to get to the sun? Seriously, guess before reading the answer.

50…50 folds.

The first few folds aren't a big deal. You take a piece of paper, you fold it, it's tiny. It’s tiny for many many folds. But when you keep doubling, and doubling, and doubling, and doubling, the 49th fold gets you to the sun.

It sounds weird, but look it up. It's true. And it's simple math.


What can you be doubling to ultimately double your results? Is it doubling the number of referrals you ask for? Doubling the number of prospecting calls you make? Doubling the number of strategic alliance partners that you have?
What can you double?
Because it's those small incremental doubles that I see ultimately have people double their incomes, and double their sales. But you gotta start with the behaviors. So look at your activities. And doubling your calls, your number if dials for most people isn't that hard.

It's just a little bit of extra prep. But get in that zone of prospecting, or doubling the number of referrals you ask for. Many people ask for one a week. Now they're asking two a week. In a few weeks they’re going to ask for four. They then continue to double it a few more times. Over time think of the compounding effect of just taking a small behavior and doubling it. You put a few behaviors together and you keep doubling them you'll get to that point where your results will then show.

Look at your cookbook. Look at your behavioral plan, and think to yourself, "What can I be doubling that will ultimately lead to my doubling of results?"


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