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Having a successful sales force is based on predictability.  Predictability is based on having a reliable system.  So a successful sales force has to be ingrained in a reliable sales process with a replicable template.  A good sales template will result in a sales culture where the sales people can autonomously manage the sales process from start to finish while generating consistent results.

A reliable sales template needs to include:

Set steps
A sales template has to have set steps.  Sales people should be able to go through the steps and upon completion, they have a sale or a disqualified prospect.  Each step needs to define what acceptable conclusions signal an end to the step so that sales people can check of items as they move through the process and know when to proceed.

Proven results
Making sure that the system is working comes down to two questions.  Are people following the steps? Am I generating the results I expected.  If the answer to both is yes, then you have a predictable replicable template that everyone can use.

Install a sales culture and a sales process that is foolproof and promotes the right kind of behavior.  Develop a sales template that lays out, in "best practice" format, every step of the selling process, from prospecting to customer account management.  Then support that model in everything you say and do.  When sales people know what and how to do things, they typically will.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be missteps along the way but it ensures that the sales person will continually develop their sales skills.  Ultimately a positive sales culture should let the leaders focus on the big picture objectives rather than getting involved on a granular level.


- Jody Williamson



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