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An owner I work with called me the other day and he was pissed.  He had just gotten back from seeing one of his retail distribution partners. The owner’s top salesperson calls on the retailer. The salesperson frequently updates the owner on the account and it’s always the same…the client is “doing great!”

The owner knew not everything is great. It seems the client only was purchasing one primary product line and the owner wanted to know why. Upon visiting with the client the owner instantly knew that there was additional opportunity. Had the rep even presented the additional products let alone some key additional services?  The answer was no and the owner was fuming. How much money was he leaving on the table or leaving to his competitors?

Tell your reps that it’s your responsibility as an owner or manager to call your clients on a regular basis to find out how the salesperson and the company are doing; flip calls. When your salespeople know that those calls are part of your process it makes them more attentive, more urgent, and helps them to represent your company in a way that’s best for all you, the rep and the customer.

- John Martin

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