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Many times a salesperson will ask a lower level decision maker a question like “Would it be OK if I also talked to your boss to get their input on this project?”  Of course the prospect views this as a threat and is programmed to say “No, that’s OK, I know what we are looking for.  My boss doesn’t have the time anyways and has asked me to gather the information.”  The mistake made here is that the salesperson is asking for permission and by default falls into the prospect’s system

Salespeople instead should be “going parental” and stating something like “At this point, there are certainly some things that we can do for you, but the bottom line is that in all these years of doing this, I have never seen a project like this move forward unless I speak to your boss directly and get their input.  So how are we going to make that happen?”   The prospect will probably push back but a good salesperson will be able to overcome the objection.  A mediocre salesperson won’t.

Does your sales management have the right people with the right skills to be able to sell to the higher level decision makers?

 - Jody Williamson


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