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When a prospect asks, “How do you compare to XYZ Co?” how do you respond?

Many sales people struggle here as they get revved up to respond, with cheeks flushed and out comes everything your competition doesn’t do, won’t do, don’t support, won’t say, they might even go beyond that!  Typically, followed by what the sales person feels they need to say to convince the prospect of regarding how their company does it better, in service and quality and even lower prices! 

It is extremely rare that I see the prospect then take out their credit card and throw it to the sales person saying, “you win!  Sign me up!!”

The bully never wins. 

My 9-year-old daughter has been learning about how to deal with bullies at school.  She learned to

  1. Stop (take a breath before saying anything back)
  2. Walk (don’t fire back, just walk away)
  3. Find (a teacher and figure out how to deal with the situation)

We, as professionals can take a lesson from this.

When asked how we compare to the ‘other’ guys can we say what is not typical and probably true, such as: “I don’t know how we compare?  All I know is that they are really nice people.” Maybe even say the obvious:  “Sounds like you know them? I am really not sure why someone might choose us over them, maybe you can share it with me?” 

Maybe we can follow a 3 step plan like my daughter’s and:

  1. Remain unemotionally involved.
  2. Don’t fire back with what is typical (step away from the temptation to beat up the competition)
  3. Find out more about what your prospect is concerned with and why they might be seeking some help.

Be the professional, the adult in the conversation with the curious prospect. You’ll turn them in to a more qualified opportunity just about every time.

 - Jill Kirshenbaum


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