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Successful sales people manage negative beliefs about their abilities, marketplace, products, and/or themselves.  Most negative beliefs are untrue and should not affect behavior.  Poor salespeople are at the mercy of negative beliefs.  They let their negative beliefs dictate what they do and how they do it.  This affects their ability to make hard decisions and gutsy moves that are necessary.  Elite sales performers never let negative beliefs affect what they need to do to move the sale forward.

Research has shown over 80% of what we say to ourselves is negative self-talk.  We are our own biggest critic.  The most successful sales people find ways of dealing with this self-talk.  Some examples of negative beliefs are: “I can’t call at the C level, I have to talk to purchasing agents.”  “I need to have an immediate answer when asked a question.”  These are only a couple examples; negative beliefs come in numerous forms.  They all have one thing in common.  They hinder our performance.  Successful sales people excel because they reprogram their thoughts and do the behavior that nets the best results.

The outside world gives us enough negative feelings about ourselves, don’t let self-talk contribute to additional negative ideas.  By managing negative beliefs we can stay on course and do what’s necessary to move the sales process forward.

- Jody Williamson

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