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Now that we have entered the 2nd half of 2012, we are at the ideal point to reflect on the 1st half of the year and regroup for the 2nd half.

To keep it simple, I would suggest Presidents, CEO’s and Sales Leadership work on the 4 areas within the Constant Sales Improvement Process:

  1. Strategy - What needs to change with the sales strategy? (ex: strategic selling, more new business, grow existing accounts, shorten the selling cycle)
  2. Structure - Do we have the ideal Sales Management Structure?  What improvements do we need to make to things like the Coaching process, Accountability, Role Playing/Practice, Hiring Process, Motivation, etc.?
  3. Staff - What changes do we need to make with Sales Staff.  Who needs to go?  Who needs to grow?  Who do we need to challenge? What are we doing to constantly upgrade our staff?
  4. Skills – Given the answers to the previous questions, what Sales Management skills do we need to work on? (ie coaching, supervising, accountability, motivation)  What Selling Skills do we need to work on? (ie. Prospecting, qualifying, closing, selling value, holding price, higher level decision makers, etc.)

Get your executive team together to answer these questions and make the commitment to make those tough changes necessary to exceed your 2nd half 2012 sales goals.

Of these 4 areas, which is the most critical to work on first?

- Jody Williamson



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