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"I get the sense my salespeople dread coming to my weekly sales meeting."

For most sales managers, the weekly sales meeting is the one chance you have to shine in front of your team, but if you don't, the meeting becomes a huge de-motivator.

Sales reps must do the day-to-day work necessary to get in front of real prospects, and only have a brief window to execute in order to move the sale forward.  Sales meetings work in much the same way for you, as the sales manager.

Use these meetings to their fullest potential.  Tap into each person's internal motivation and charge them up to sell more. This works much the same way as an NFL coach charging up his players at halftime to dig deep and win the game in the 2nd half. Analyze what's working and what is not.  Set plans to maximize what is working and set a detailed game plan for how the sales person can improve results.

Here’s the bottom line.  If you have a hard time defining the Up Front Contract for the meeting (Time, Purpose, Agenda,Outcomes), then you shouldn’t have the meeting.

- Jody Williamson


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