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This time of year, most people I speak with are setting goals.  I rarely have anyone argue with the validity of setting goals….but those same people will either still not set goals or will set them and then not do what it takes to achieve them. Just the word “goals” is so overused in sales and self development, many people become numb to the concept. It is much like the resolutions many set as we start a new year.  According to a recent study, by January 20th , 80% of all resolutions have been broken and only 8% are eventually completed successfully.

So try this.  Set Vows.  A Vow is defined as a “solemn promise”.  Since resolutions and goals tend to be more “disposable”, you will be more likely to do what it takes to live up to a Vow.

Now go do some Vow Setting.

 - Jody Williamson



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