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I was watching Matt Forte rush for 123 yards in the Bears vs. Vikings game Monday night.  Forte is making $600,000 in the final year of his rookie contract and is looking to renegotiate.  Who can blame him when he looks at the seven year, $100 million contract that Adrian Peterson signed with the Vikings last month.  Worse yet, Forte rushed for more yards vs. Peterson on Monday.  In fact, Forte has 908 of the Bear’s 1967  total yards this season, 46 % of the Bear’s offense.
This got me thinking about the importance of Desire in sales success.  How often do we see salespeople who have lost their Desire and as a result we see mediocre sales.  Matt Forte has something to prove.  He is looking to increase his value in the marketplace as he tries to renegotiate with the Bears.  I wonder if he would have the same desire if he was making the $8million per year that top running backs in the NFL get.  I’m guessing not.
It’s human nature to get into a comfort zone.  Losing that hunger affects ambition and drive. Ask yourself these questions:  Are some of your salespeople in comfort zones?  What can you do to help keep their Desire high?  Are you in a comfort zone yourself?

 - Jody Wiliamson

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