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No newsflash here; sales success requires a high level of commitment.  By definition, commitment is doing the things we know we need to do regardless of how it makes us feel.  Top performers are dedicated to becoming a great sales people.  Their commitment comes in many forms.  They are committed to themselves to be the best.  They are committed to their co-workers and boss to exceed what is expected of them.  They are committed to helping the company grow.  They are committed to providing for their family.  Due to such a deep commitment on many levels, top performers are willing to make any and all the sacrifices necessary to achieve their goal of being the best.

High levels of commitment ensure that the sales person won’t accept mediocrity.  They commit to making sacrifices to achieve their goals.  They invest time and energy into improving their technique.  Commonly sales people will accept being the middle of the road.  They are interested in “making a living”, not in being exceptional.  They tell themselves, “I’m not the best but at least I’m better than the poor performers.”  This is a dangerous mentality.  Often the poor performers are not around long.  The at-leaster mentality is often rooted in a lack of commitment.  They are only committed to getting by, not in being a high performer. They have conditional commitment and it sounds something like  “I’m committed if only I don’t have to …”.

Don’t be an at-leaster.  Commit to being a great sales person.  Commit to exceed expectations.  Commit to being the best in your profession and your field.  If we strive to be the best, we are already a step ahead of all the at-leasters out there.  When we have a high level of commitment, we aren’t easily swayed from a high level performance.  When we make a commitment to excel, most times we will.

- John Martin

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