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Recently I attended my daughter’s high school choral concert.  It’s a big deal since it is the last concert of the school year, with 500 parents in attendance.  

About half way through the concert, the choral director mysteriously handed out white pieces of paper to all the members of the choir who were standing on the risers on stage.  He then made an announcement to the audience that on the paper was the music and words to a choral piece that the choir had never seen before.  So with 60 seconds notice and no practice, he began conducting what turned out to be the best piece of the entire evening.  It was truly amazing that 40 kids were trained to the level of being able to execute flawlessly under that kind of pressure.

Salespeople are no different.  They need to be able to adapt to countless scenarios on sales calls.  Unfortunately, many sales managers fail to lead their salespeople so that they can execute flawlessly under pressure.  Through training, coaching and constant role play, the best sales forces can do this.  The mediocre ones can’t

Are you developing the kind of sales force that can execute in a high-risk situation, under pressure? If they found themselves in front of a major opportunity today, could they perform flawlessly?

 - Jody Williamson

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