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Of the thousands of albums created every year, Rolling Stone magazine annually narrows it down to the top 50.  Of course, the younger artists always dominate…from Adele to Kanye West to Radiohead to the Fleet Foxes, music is continually driven by younger artists.  Yet lurking at #3 this year is Paul Simon’s “So Beautiful or So What”, which Rolling Stone feels is his best album since Graceland was released 25 years ago.

Why is this?  There are thousands of artists who grew up in the 60’s, with multiple hits, who are washed up has-beens playing neighborhood sidewalk sales and rib fests.   How can it be that Simon continues to put out compelling, relevant music?  When I saw him earlier this year at the Vic Theater in Chicago, it was clear that he continues to grow.  Using world rythyms and updated arrangements on his classics, he puts on one of the best shows you are likely to see anywhere in music today.

We talk a lot in sales force development about the concept of “growth potential”.  An individual’s Desire, Commitment and Attitude will have a direct impact on their ability to continue to grow.  I have met many 25 year veteran “successful” salespeople with low growth potential who lack these crucial elements of success.  Invariably over time, these salespeople get into a comfort zone and become campers and not climbers.

What is sales management doing with your sales force to make sure your veteran, experienced sales force has the growth potential to hit aggressive sales goals in the coming year.

If you want to hear what high Desire, Commitment and Attitude from a veteran sound like, make sure to pick up “So Beautiful or So What”.  That’s what on going growth sounds like. 

 - Jody Williamson



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