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Sandler Training | Chicago & Northbrook, IL

Sandler Introductory Workshop

Unlock Your Ability to Grow the Bottom Line.

This engagement is designed specifically for sales executives and business development professionals.

Do you find that you . . .

  • Need technical help in moving the sale forward?
  • Have self-limiting patterns that you just can’t break out of?
  • Become too willing to consider lowering prices instead of selling value?
  • Spend too much time with non-decision makers?
  • Leave valuable information with prospects only to find they won't make any decisions?
  • Follow inconsistent methodologies to get new clients - and get inconsistent sales results?

Please join us for this informative workshop that offers tools for real-world sales success.



This free workshop is exclusively for business owners, presidents, VPs of sales and sales professionals.

Registrations are carefully reviewed to ensure attendee suitability and the overall success of the group. Seating is limited, so please register early.

Apply to Attend the Workshop

Getting too many “think it overs”
Getting real budget information
Doing “unpaid consulting”
Getting beat up on price
Not understanding the prospect’s true Pain
In a comfort zone
Shortening the selling cycle
Not enough new business
Not getting to the real decision makers
Client retention
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